Bakkie Evo bike bag
  • Bakkie Evo bike bag
  • Bakkie Evo bike bag
  • Bakkie Evo bike bag
  • Bakkie Evo bike bag
  • Bakkie Evo bike bag
  • Bakkie Evo bike bag
  • Bakkie Evo bike bag
  • Bakkie Evo bike bag
  • Bakkie Evo bike bag

Bakkie Evo bike bag

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Bakkie, an adjustable charging stand AND bike bag:

  • Multifunctionbike mount: for easy attachment to the bike.
  • Waterproof 15-literbike bag. What the Bakkie light doesn't have.
  • Bike towing: attaches the front wheel to the bike rack
  • Fits most rear racks. Two straps clip onto the back of the pannier for quick installation on all types of bike carrier, even atypical ones.
  • Fits most cargo bike bodies.
  • Anti-theft: a Z-Lok-type anti-theft device can be passed through the eyelet.
  • Designed and manufactured in France. Durable and repairable.
  • Visibility: Reflective logo
  • Pocket for additional straps supplied
  • Download instructions :
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  • The multifunction support Bakkie allows securely attach various objects to your bicycle's rear rack, even quite large, even when it's unexpected. Adjustable, it can accommodate objects of all shapes and sizes. Three supplied straps can be clipped to the rack at various points, giving you great freedom when loading your bike. A few adjustments straps and your load is fixed.

  • Visit waterproof bag integrated 15 l allows even the smallest objects to be transported dry. It can be quickly rolled up when not in use, to leave maximum space for larger items to be loaded onto the bike. The straps that keep it rolled up can also support a practical U-shaped anti-theft device !

  • Secure on the bike with a small type lock Z-Lok or a simple stainless steel clamp, you'll always have it with you.

  • Quick to install : two straps to clip around the luggage rack. The first installation can be adjusted to fit all types of luggage rack tubes, even those with non-standard diameters or angular shapes. This adjustment even enables the Bakkie on cargo bike bodies such as two-wheelers and three-wheelers, useful when the bike body eventually shows its loading limits.

  • Easily transportable on foot, it can also follow you when you leave your bike behind worn as a shoulder strap or backpack for emergency use. A comfortable molded handle makes it easy to carry by hand (not on the wrist) Bakkie light)

Sacoches de vélo gros volume Bakkie sacoche vélo voyage  Sacoches vélo longtrail biporteur triporteur Bakkie  Sacoches vélo longtrail biporteur triporteur Bakkie


Your different bags have one thing in common: they are all easily transported by bicycle in a Bakkie.

  • backpack for the day's work

  • bag for small and large computers

  • sports bag, photo bag

  • cabin-size suitcase

  • hiking bag

  • guitar and other musical instruments in their case

  • schoolbag

  • beach bag

  • shopping basket

  • etc, ...

You don't have to choose between walking and cycling: when you take your trekking bag with you, you give yourself the freedom to set off on foot in the middle of a cycling trip, and discover places that are inaccessible to you. Why deprive yourself ?


Bakkies were originally designed for towing children's bikes up to 24".

With a little technical skill and a few trial runs to make sure you're comfortable and safe, it's also possible to tow larger bikes. One or two straps Fixplus are sometimes required for towing adult bicycles.

Why tow a bicycle ? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a second bike in tow, so you don't end up on foot on the day of the service at your favorite bike shop.

  • Picking someone up at the station: a bike in tow on the way out, and the suitcase in the car on the way back Bakkie

  • For children, rides can be too long or the environment too motorized. With their child's bike in tow, they can return to their place on the luggage rack. No more worries about the length or quietness of the ride.

  • Compact folding bike folded in the pannier or bike in trailer, 2 ways to ride light for parents who otherwise spend the day on a scooter while the kids are at school.





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