Fixplus strap vélo sangle élastique orange accessoires vélo camping fixation antivol 35cm
  • Fixplus strap vélo sangle élastique orange accessoires vélo camping fixation antivol 35cm

Fixplus Strap fixation vélo - à l'unité

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Fixplus Strap bicycle mounting strap multifunction

The Fixplus strap secures, groups and secures your accessories on your bike. It's never been easier!

Super-strong,elastic fastening - better than a turnbuckle! Tensile strength: up to 90kg.

This multi-purpose bike carrier strap combines all the advantages.

  • One-hand operation
  • Quick and easy to fasten
  • Lightweight, flexible and supple like a rubber band, but without the insidious snapback
  • Secures accessories on your bike even under strong vibrations
  • Durable bike fastener, won't tear
  • Heat and cold resistant (-30°C +60°C)
  • Sea water resistant
  • UV-resistant.

Composable and therefore extensible, this ingenious bicycle strap has almost limitless uses.

Fixplus Strap bicycle strap

Fixplus Strap bicycle straps are elastic TPU plastic fasteners.

Fixplus straps are multi-purpose: fixing a U lock to the bike frame or luggage rack, fixing a skateboard to the luggage rack, strapping a tent or groundsheet to the luggage rack tray, also very practical for tools with handles...

Practical! Fixplus multi-purpose fasteners can be used with just one hand: quick, easy fastening, no turning back, no scratching. Ideal for Bikepacking and everyday use!

These bike tensioning straps guarantee the safety of your accessories and a stable hold, even when subjected to strong vibrations or shocks.

Tear-proof, virtually indestructibleelastic bicycle straps. They're extremely durable, even after frequent use. Resistant to heat and cold (-30°/+60°C). UV and seawater resistant.

The addition of Strapkeepers is recommended to maintain the unused part of the strap.

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