Transform your bike into a mini cargo bike! Made in France, expandable bike bags for carrying all kinds of things on your bike. Fixplus straps for fast, secure attachment of items to the bike frame.

Find your accessories for :

- carrying a schoolbag or backpack by bike

- carrying a suitcase on your bike

- carrying a guitar by bike

- carrying boxes on your bike

- towing a child's bike by bike

- transport a stroller by bike

- do your shopping by bike: carry a shopping bag, a crate, a pack of water

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Pack Bakkie Evo Red / Bakkie Light Evo Black

BAKKIE: A MULTI-PURPOSE RACK AND BAG TO CARRY ALMOST EVERYTHING ON YOUR BIKE! The multifunction holder Bakkie multi-purpose rack lets you securely attach a variety of objects, even bulky ones, to...

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