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Knog designs innovative products to make your cycling and outdoor experience more enjoyable.

Knog LED bike lights flash and light up the world, Australian design company founded in 2002.

Knog makes innovative bicycle lights that inspire people to explore the great outdoors on foot or two wheels.

Knog is a team from all over the world with a plethora of different skills and experience. A collectively shared value: that of being obsessed with making the best possible products.

Knog has been designing innovative products since 2002. Products to get you out and about. Knog with you in the rain, in the sun, lighting dark alleys, helping you see and be heard. Knog designs products to accompany you in town, on the road and in nature.

Knog Plus LED bike rear light

KNOG PLUS : Additional LED rear light for waterproof KNOG bicycles 20-lumen LED bike signal light, clearly visible at 500m. USB rechargeable, no cable required. No charging cable required Mounting...

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