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Hiplok: the only Gold Sold Secure certified portable bike locks. Secure your bike with the original portable bike lock.

Hiplok loves cycling! It's the best feeling in the world. Protecting our bikes shouldn't spoil the feeling of riding. That's why Hiplok builds innovative, quality security that protects your bike and enhances your ride.

All Hiplok locks are designed and developed in the UK by a small, dedicated team of innovators and cyclists. From the patented adjustable belt closure on our locks to the ultra-reflective SUPERBRIGHT series, Hiplok believes that small details make a big difference to the enjoyment of riding.

At a time when the theft of bicycles and accessories is on the increase, it's imperative to stay one step ahead. Working closely with experts in the field and independent security accreditation houses around the world, Hiploks carries out real-world security testing using the latest equipment.

The result: quality safety products that cyclists the world over can trust.

Locking a bicycle brake with the Z-Lok
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HIPLOK Z LOK bike lock - Key

Z LOK: INNOVATIVE BIKE LOCKS SECURITY REDEFINED, LIGHTNESS ADDED Winner of the 2018 Design and Innovation Award, Z LOK is the world's first secure, reusable zip-tie. This bike lock offers...

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